Get geoBoundaries: Full Precision

This page allows you to download our highest precision data products. Full precision boundaries are very large (generally an order of magnitude or more bigger than our simplified boundaries), and thus are not well suited to online visualization. Because IDs are identical across our simplified and high precision products, it is feasible to conduct an analysis using the full precision products contained on this page, and then link the results with our simplified products for easy visualization.

We offer two types of full precision boundary downloads: "single country unstandardized" and "globally standardized". Both can be downloaded for a single country at a time, though you can automate the process through our API to retrieve full global products; we recommend most users of traditional GIS desktop software (i.e., ArcGIS or QGIS) that need every country use our simplified global product, as it is small enough to open on most computers with relatively little loss in precision for most (though not all) countries.

The products on this page include:
  • High Precision Single Country Unstadardized (HPSCU) - The premier geoBoundaries release, representing the highest precision files available for every country in the world. No standardization is performed on these files, so (for example) two countries may overlap in the case of contested boundaries.
  • High Precision Single Country Globally Standardized (HPSCGS) - A version of geoBoundaries high percision data that has been clipped to the U.S. Department of State boundary file, ensuring no contested boundaries or overlap in the dataset. This globally standardized product may have gaps between countries. If you need a product with no gaps, we recommend our simplified global product.

  • geoBoundaries High Precision Manual Download

    We recommend most users of this full precision data use our API. Standardized products are clipped to U.S. Department of State country boundaries. ISO codes can be referenced here The only requirement for use is acknowledgement.