Why do we produce geoBoundaries?

Transparency & Research Replication

While many countries provide public domain information on where their boundaries are, a majority do not provide an authoritative, open digital source. We strongly believe that every global citizen should have access to information about the legal political boundaries they live within, without having to pay for the access.

Precision & Consistency Matter

Small shifts in legal boundaries can drive huge changes, but are rarely tracked or recognized. We collate or create the highest geographic precision open data possible to promote precise results, and keep all of our previous versions available online. geoBoundaries has been around since 2017, providing annual updates each year.

Ease of Use

Every one of our boundaries is available as a Shapefile and geoJSON, with globally unique identifiers and consistent attributes. We provide both manual download and API access to support most users preferred mode of access.

Peer Review & Community Contributions

Anyone can participate in conversations about - or contribute to - geoBoundaries by visiting our public repository. You can also learn more about the procedures used to build geoBoundaries by reading our peer reviewed (PLoS One) publication.

Get the Data

Simplified Country Boundaries

Download or view simplified versions of our data. These products are generally best suited for data visualization, or larger-scale analyses where imprecision may matter less (i.e., global or regional). You can download these boundaries across the entire globe all at once for ADM0 to ADM2.

Global Country Boundaries

Download or view every boundary in the world at ADM0, ADM1 and ADM2. These products are based on our simplified country boundaries, and are best suited to visualization or large-scale (i.e., global) analysis. If you are doing an analysis for one or a small number of countries, we recommend our country-specific datasets.

Full Precision Country Boundaries

Download the highest resolution data we have available. Generally best for research or analysis purposes by advanced users. Only one country boundary is available for download at a time with our GUI (use of the API can enable larger analyses).

Programmatic / API Access

Information on every geoBoundary since 2.0.0 - current and past - can be retrieved through a simple query; a JSON object is returned suitable for use in your programming language of choice. Brief examples of API use are also provided.