The world's largest open, free and research-ready database of political administrative boundaries.

Produced and Maintained by the William & Mary Geospatial Evaluation and Observation Lab. Learn more about us here

Data Retrieval Options

Download & View Past Versions & API We also offer a full download (v%MRV; %FULLDLSIZEGB), but it is not recommended for most users due to its large size. You can view the full changelog here.

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Runfola, D., Seitz, L., Hobbs, L., Panginaban, J., Oberman, R. et al. geoBoundaries Global Administrative Database.

Administrative Zone Coverage (v%MRV)

  • 100% (198 / 198)
    Country Boundaries (ADM 0)
  • %ADM1PROG (198 / 198)
    State Boundaries (ADM 1)
    ADM 2
    ADM 3+

About geoBoundaries

sample-image The geoBoundaries Global Administrative Database (geoBoundaries) is an online, open license resource of the geographic boundaries of political administrative divisions (i.e., state, county) for every country in the world. geoBoundaries provides detailed information on the legal open license for every boundary in its repository, and focuses on provisioning highly precise administrative boundary data to support accurate, replicable scientific inquiry. All data is released in a structured form, allowing for the integration of geoBoundaries with large-scale computational workflows. We have 198 total entities we provide information for, including all 195 UN member states. Additional entities include Taiwan, Niue, and Kosovo.

All code used to produce geoBoundaries can be viewed (and contributed to!) on our github repository at, and you can learn more about the students and staff responsible for geoBoundaries at

Download and View Individual Country Data

Please note that, due to the precision of our raw data, boundaries can take a long time to render after "View" is clicked. It is recommended you use an open source software program such as QGIS to view our data.

Using the geoBoundaries API & Retrieving Archived Versions

Archive Access
All archived versions of geoBoundaries can be browsed and retrieved through a simple web interface located at Versions before 2.0 are not standardized following the schema detailed on this page, but are kept for legacy users.
geoBoundaries API Usage[3-LETTER-ISO-CODE]&ADM=[ADM-LEVEL]
Users can also enter special phrases "ALL" for either "ADM" or "ISO" to get a multi-boundary return (within the element 'geoBoundaries').
Example Query & Response:
"boundaryID": "USA-ADM1-2_0_0-G592",
"boundaryISO": "USA",
"boundaryYear": "2017.0",
"boundaryType": "ADM1",
"boundarySource-1": "US Census",
"boundarySource-2": "",
"boundaryLicense": "Open Data Commons Attribution License 1.0",
"licenseDetail": "",
"licenseSource": "https:\/\/\/about\/policies\/open-gov\/open-data.html",
"boundarySourceURL": "https:\/\/\/geographies\/mapping-files\/time-series\/geo\/carto-boundary-file.html",
"boundaryUpdate": "2020-01-16",
"downloadURL": "https:\/\/\/data\/geoBoundaries-2_0_0\/USA\/ADM1\/"

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