Ways to Help Out

We welcome contributions to the geoBoundaries dataset. Involvement can take many forms: assistance identifying errors in the database, contributing boundary files, or even contributing code for our build or website scripts. To get started, you could:
  • Report Boundary Errors: While we try to ensure geoBoundaries is as error-free as possible, we are currently tracking around 300 million vertices across hundreds-of-thousands of geometries - there are bound to be issues! We very much welcome any reports of errors across the database.
  • Contribute Boundaries: We carefully curate all boundaries that are submitted to the database, and have a very active community. Join us in the fun! We try to keep things simple for everyone, requiring only a zipfile upload.
  • Fix Known Issues: We have a number of known issues with the database, and always welcome contributions that might fix any of these.
  • Help with the Python Code: We always welcome contributions to our codebase that improve the efficiency of our processing, or introduce new types of checks to automatically prevent errors. Our code includes a number of different pieces, such as the www.geoboundaries.org website, API, the geoBoundaryBot (responds to PRs), and our formal build scripts.


geoBoundaries would not be possible without a huge number of people working tirelessly to find data, improve code, and catch issues. We've tried to capture everyone who's lent us a hand here. Note that with the release of geoBoundaries 5.0, the size of our repository exceeded limitations on github.com, requiring us to nuke our contribution log. We've memorialized everyone who committed to the repo before that date here as well ❤️.